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Our phone & data services have become so popular we have dedicated this to our sister company, National Phone & Data.





National Phone & Data was created from an inspiration to deliver modern, feature rich communications to small and medium business, that in the past has only been made available to large corporate clients. Today the technologies made available through National Phone & Data bring the benefits and flexibility of corporate communications to Australian businesses, large and small.





With National Phone & Data you can;


Relocate your business and keep your phone numbers, even if moving outside the local exchange

For multi-site client, free calls office to office and free quality based VPN
Transfer calls from your office to a mobile or another phone number, without tying down your phone lines.

A business telephone handset at home with the ability to transfer calls from your office to home at no charge. Also make the home phone ring as part of your office phones for true home office co-ordination.

Your lines can be setup, so no matter what line you call on, the receiver of the call will always see your main number as the calling line ID. This ensures return calls always come back on your main number as well as your contacts know who is calling.
High Speed Business Grade SHDSL Unlimited at the best prices in the Australian market.

Voice mail to your email - convenient and collect your voicemail where ever you access your email.

Direct in-dialable numbers from the outside world. Each of your staff members can have their own phone number, without expensive ISDN or paying for a dedicated line for each. We offer 100 number blocks, or numbers as you need them
Full electronic billing in an easy to read format
ISDN10/20/30 service as well as Telstra PSTN and ISDN2.
Personalised service and a guarantee to save money on your total communications package, and benefit from enhanced features.


Visit our website, www.nationalphone.com.au for case studies and product literature.



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